As we hope by now you’ve all seen and shopped our latest and utterly fabulous collection with the amazing Sofia Coelho, we decided to sit her down and get to the nitty gritty stuff that we all want to know. Talking all things collection with a side of personal, keep reading to get the inside scoop on our favourite influencer. 

Let’s start with all things fashion, how did you get into the industry and what has been your main inspiration?

I’ve been into fashion since a very early age, mainly because of my grandma who loves fashion herself and raised me around clothes and styling. 

At around 20 years old and because I wasn’t quite fulfilled with the course I was doing (economics) I decided to create my insta out of pure hobby and just because I loved sharing my outfits so much!!! As the years passed, I realised that that was I REALLY wanted to do and did a couple of fashion courses (one in fashion trends and another one in fashion management) and continued to share my styling on instagram and here I am! :)


Where did you get the inspiration from for your collection?

It was actually not that hard because I had already gathered a couple of ideas on my phone notes throughout the previous years of key items I felt my wardrobe was lacking or different details I’d like to see on more basic pieces. That’s why the collection is full of basics and also key items with a different twist such as the double waist or double patterns :) 


What would you say is your favourite piece of the whole collection? (If you can choose just 1, they’re all amazing)

Probably the Sofia Suit and the Camila coat! (And the Sherrie suit, Tanis set, the Mel trench, Liv blazer.....)

Shop the Sofia Blazer here and the Sofia Joggers here 

& how would you style that piece?

I think the Sofia suit is perfect for those days where you want to be comfy but still look put together so I’d probably just wear it with a white top and trainers! The Camila coat is soooo full of possibilities though! I’d wear it with my creamy thigh high boots and white shirt dress though 


What is your staple fashion item, something that you think everyone needs in their wardrobes?

Oversized blazer and a pair of good jeans 


Tell us about yourself in 5 words:

Ughhhh I always hate this cause I’m like hmm who even am I?

I’d say I’m very passionate, I’m a good friend, I think I’m easy going and adapt well to almost any situation and finally unorganised and obviously not concise at all since these aren’t 5 words 


What is your go to coffee order?

During Summer I love a coffee Frappuccino or an iced oat milk latte but during Winter it has to be an oat milk latte or just a plain Americano :) 

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose apart from Portugal?

Probably London. I lived there last year and I love it too much!! The vibe, the people, the architecture, the fashion! 


How did you find Manchester, where was the best place you visited whilst you were here? ( Given the Covid -19 situation)

I loved it so much and I have the best memories of my days there! However I wouldn’t say I visited that many things actually because of covid (I avoided being out too much) However I really loved the area near St Peters square and omg I had some of the best meals of my life there!!! Manchester has the best restaurants


 If you weren’t an influencer, what would you be and why?

Would love to be a full-time stylist or have my own brand! ...or be a dog sitter. 


What is next for Sofia Coelho? Collection number 2….

If 4th & reckless wants me back I’m there!!!!

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