Get ready to turn into a couch potato as us girls at 4th share the shows we have been glued to recently. If you’re anything like us then you’ll also love a good series to slob out to, we’ve done all the leg work and watched the latest seasons (as well as a few oldies) and decided on our current top tier picks.


Mutli-million-pound houses, 30inch extensions and DRAMA. What is not to love. If you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2 then you need to clear your schedule and stock up on the popcorn. Cause it’s about to get heavy. This one is definitely fuelling our future house and life goals.
Available on netflix
Think desperate housewives with a twist, Good Girls is all about regular woman with a secret side hussle. You may never look at a soccer mum the same again. Ideal for those duvet days where you want something easy and a bit quirky to watch, binge on this.
Available on netflix
Potentially the hottest serial killer ever. The fall is a dark and captivating series you won’t be able to shut off. A bit like pringles once you pop you can’t stop, it features Jamie Dornan, known for his jaw dropping role in 50 shades, this time appearing with a much more sinister hobby. A drama following the police case into a serial killer, we are morbidly loving it.
Available on bbc iplayer and netflix
Another strong contender is the latest season of Dirty John, but this time it’s all about Betty. Completely unrelated to the first season, this time we watch, quite frankly, what can only be called the divorce from hell. Prepare to be shocked and screaming at your laptop screen in frustration. This one has us hooked. 
Available on netflix
Who doesn’t love an insight into the richest women of Beverley Hills overly extravagant-but utterly fabulous-lives. We’re talking miniature horses as pets, glam squads and children’s parties costing more than a mortgage. With the latest season having just come to an end we are hoping the reunion has a ‘happy ending’ *If you know you know*
Available on Hayu.
Give this one a chance, think Marvel meets Stranger Things. With an old school retro vibe, the umbrella academy is definitely one to sink your teeth into. Based on a rather random family with special abilities they are hell bent on saving the world, even if it’s from themselves.  We’re hoping you love this one as much as we do.
Available on Netflix.
A real tearjerker, this one is for those of us who like a series we can commit to. With 27 episodes in each season you will always have something to switch on. Full of drama, love and affairs this is enough entertainment for a lifetime. Grey’s anatomy is one we would definitely recommend for your latest addiction.
Available on Amazon Prime.
If you can’t aspire to be a Russian assassin then what can you be, Villanelle gives us all sorts of goals. If you like dry humour, a good storyline and a bit of action then pop this one on. Ideal for when you’re chilling in the evening, this is a major binge worthy box set.
Available on BBC Iplayer.
A heart-warming story told over generations; this is one you should settle in for the long haul with. An emotional drama following various people’s stories we have been hooked from the start and you’re damn right if we’re going to stick around and wait for season 5. Perhaps most loved due to its nostalgia This Is Us is definitely one for your binge list. 
Available on Netflix. 
Perhaps one which should be approached with caution, I May Destroy You holds focus on some rather sensitive issues and is best described as a sexual consent drama. Following a 30-year-old woman, we are witness to her trying to piece together her night. Honestly a thought-provoking bit of TV that if you’re a modern woman should definitely be on your watch list. 
Available on BBC Iplayer.