It’s that time of year again; pumpkins, popcorn and our timelines filled with some very questionable makeup. With struggling to get up now part and parcel with our everyday routine, we spend the day itching to crawl back into bed and switch on the box sets. Here at 4th we are a sucker for a Halloween flick. Whether we’re watching through our fingers or munching our way through a cult classic here’s our have to see picks to get you snuggled up and seriously spooky.
It wouldn’t be Halloween without a rerun of this 80’s comedy horror. Based around a horde of weirdly cute little monsters who run havoc in America, what is originally a pet turns into the breeder from hell. Perfect for those of us who love a nostalgic throwback, if you haven’t seen this then you haven’t done Halloween right.
The Nun
Perhaps one for those of us with a strong stomach, the nun is the ideal pick if you’re not wanting to sleep for a week. Centred on a good nun trying to exorcise a bad one, the plot is simple yet magnificent. Whoever combined nuns and horror was an evil genius. You will never feel the same about Sister Act again.



Sleep with one eye open is all we have to say about this one. If supernatural horrors are your thing then Hereditary will be your thing.  Receiving raving reviews from half of 4th Studio, this one had us hiding behind our pillows when it was released. Looked back on with – not so fond- memories for it’s sheer scare factor if you like to be spooked add this to your watch list.

Hocus Pocus

Classed as a family friendly film, we would perhaps beg to differ. The three witches in this are enough to give anyone nightmares. That red hair and purple dress: utterly atrocious. One which is re-watched every year without fail, if we’re allowed a self-professed favourite then Hocus Pocus is the one.

The shining


It’s Johnny!! Perhaps one of the most well-known movie snippets in the history of cinema. If this psychological thriller isn’t in your movie repertoire then it needs to be. We all know the phrase, but do we all know the film behind it? Centred on the notion of insanity, we recommend watching this purely on the fact it should be watched.




One that is guaranteed to freak out the family. Sinister is one for our spine-tingling spook fest list. Involving child possession, gruesome murders and that scream factor, what is not to love for a horror movie buff. The main theme being retro camera film we won’t be watching any home movies in the near future, sorry mum.

Sweeney Todd: Demon barber of Fleet Street


It wouldn’t be Halloween without Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. For a match made in heaven they certainly make some hell raising films. Following a barber who has a habit of killing his clients and then popping them in pies, this macabre classic will never get old.


Coraline/ Monster House


For some more light-hearted Halloween viewing we have two worthy contenders. First up is Monster House, a cartoon where a boy gets caught up with a haunted house opposite. Slightly comedic this is lighter than Coraline where buttons for eyes are a common theme. Too hard to choose just one, settle in and watch these back-to-back for some dark evening sofa surfing.

Silence of the lambs


Last but not least we couldn’t leave out good ol’ Hannibal Lecter. Silence of the lambs certainly didn’t come to play. Enlisted to help on another case, he still manages to freak us out from behind bars. Watch for all thing’s psychological thriller with a side of serial killer.