Q&A With Lily Montasser

We are so excited to sit down with one of our fave Insta bloggers Lily Montasser. We are lusting over Lillys style here at 4th and can't get enough of her daily style posts. Keep reading to find out all the gossip... 
How would you describe your style?
effortless, edgy, everyday
Where do you go to for Fashion Inspiration? 

 I get inspiration by people random people I see on the street. A skater kid’s massive hoodie. A surfer crossing the street with messy hair and minimal makeup. A girl at a bar with leather jacket and a sleek middle part. I like to pluck inspiration and styles from all types of people. 

 How did you get into being an influencer?

When I was in college I did a bunch of editorial internships at fashion magazines. I studied creative writing, and I thought I wanted to go into fashion writing. But after I graduated college I thought: maybe instead of working for a magazine, I try to be one myself?

 What does your day to day morning routine look like?

I try to wake up early. I have a cup of hot water with lemon, and then meditate for ten minutes. Then I’ll make some coffee and go through all my emails in the morning before heading to the gym. I like to get my admin work done in the morning so I can shoot and go to meetings in the afternoon. 

 Where is your home town? & Wheres the best place to brunch? 

I’m from Carmel, California. My favorite brunch spot is anything Australian: Bluestone Lane, Five Leaves, and Banter are my go-to’s in NYC.

What is your favourite travel destination? 
Bali! I went on a solo trip last year and I could easily move there.
 What's next for Lilly Montasser? 
I’m starting a YouTube channel! And becoming bi-coastal between LA and NYC. But don’t be too surprised if I end up staying in LA…life’s pretty good here.


Favourite 4th & Reckless piece and how do you style it?

I love all the 4th & Reckless oversized blazers. I’d wear it with trousers and sneakers for a tomboy-chic look. Or with a slip dress and thigh high boots for a night out.

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