Q&A With Jess Bailey

While in LA we sat down with Jess Bailey  to find out a little bit more about how she became an influencer, her workout routine and her proudest moment so far! Keep reading to find out all the gossip...
What was your path to becoming an influencer? Any advice for someone aspiring to become an influencer?
 It honestly happened on accident! I used to work in sports and wanted to take a quick break between jobs. To kill time in the meantime, I started posting outfits daily, not at all thinking it would go anywhere, however after a few months, my Instagram started growing a lot and I was getting sent clothing from brands and thats when I decided I would stick with it and see where it would take me! 
Top 3 tips:
1. BE YOU. Authenticity is so key in this industry! It is so easy to lose yourself or mold yourself to others but you just have to fully embrace who you are! Yes, bomb outfits are awesome but in the end, followers stay because they love who you are, style or not style!
2. BE CONSISTENT AND INTENTIONAL. Consistency is key! It's tough work and long hours but it pays off! With intentionality, don't just 'post to post'. Make sure that each post serves a purpose. After all, your Instagram feed is essentially your work portfolio!
3. INFLUENCE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. Do it because you want to influence for the better, to help women learn how to style their different body types, to give great advice, to empower each other. No one who makes a huge impact in history is known for being pretty or thin. As a matter of fact, appearance is rarely ever mentioned. Instead, it's the good they did, the legacy they left behind, the positive difference they made! 
What does your day to day workout routine look like? 
I work out 5 times a week! I like to switch up my days with:
- 1 full body HIIT workout
- 2 40 minute cardio days
- 2 weight lifting days (one upper, one lower)
I have played sports and worked out/been very active a majority of my life. It's truly embedded into my routine and something I need to do to feel physically, mentally, and internally great! 
Favourite healthy at home recipe?
I have my famous 30 second salad that EVERYONE loves. I have made it for so many parties and special occasions and people love it! It takes literally 30 seconds to toss together. The recipe is in my 'Favorite Eats' highlights! 
 Favourite place to brunch in LA?
Anywhere that has a view and oat milk chai lattes :)
We are totally obsessed with your wedding day, any advice for brides to be who are trying to organise their big day?
Omg, I have SO MANY blog posts on wedding prep from dress shopping, how to keep calm leading up to the big day, pre-marital/couples counseling advice, what to and not to do during your wedding planning process, I have seriously written out over 20 blog posts haha. Click here! 
We are obsessed with your style! Who is your style icon?
I have so many different style icons! 
If we're talking celebrities, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Bieber.
My favorite IG icons are @blvckd0pe, @joandkemp, and pretty much every UK blogger haha
Proudest moment so far? 
There are a few - signing with an agency at the end of 2019 and hitting 100k followers last month are two of them but my biggest is just being able to spread my faith and have girls DM me saying that they decided to go to church (and loved it) after always seeing my stories/podcast suggestions!  
Favourite 4th & Reckless piece and how do you style it?
ALLLLL of the blazers in this entire collection. I love a good oversized blazer, who doesn't. As for styling, the options are limitless - chic, simple, grunge, casual with sweats, as a dress, literally any and every which way! 
Thanks so much to Jess for sitting down with us and answering all our burning questions. Don't forget to follow Jess over on Instagram at @jessthrowiton_ to stay up to date with all the latest!