Q&A with Sofia Coelho

We teamed up with ultimate cool gal, Sofia Coelho in our first ever exclusive edit. Known for her experimental and unapologetic style all over Instagram. We explore Sofia’s favourite London hang outs, how to get the perfect Instagram shot and her favourite moment on set in our exclusive Q&A.

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What is your A/W fashion essential?
In terms of Autumn/ Winter fashion I think you all know I’m obsessed with layers so I would definitely say a really nice oversized coat is necessary!
Who are your fave accounts to follow on Insta?
There is so many people on Instagram that I love such as, @Matildadjerf, @Endlesslyloveclub and @Bethanjroberts. I follow so many inspirational girls on Instagram that I love!
Why did you choose to collaborate with 4th?
I don’t think I ever hesitated with collaborating with this brand. I have collaborated with them since the beginning and then we just continued to keep collaborating together!
Fave place to brunch in London?
Egg Break is my absolute favourite place to have brunch in London. Me and my boyfriend are obsessed with the Eggs Benedict and the Pancakes they have there.
Your fave item from the edit?
The Dion red suit. I hate wearing red, but I was really feeling it in this red suit which was just amazing for me!
Top tips for getting the best Insta pics?
I am currently not editing my pictures, the number one tip I currently have is lighting. The lighting must be really good for you to have a good quality picture. What I like about taking pictures on my phone is, I can be living my life and living my day and just take a picture whenever just because I want to.
Your fave moment from shooting your edit?
The best part for me was just being able to meet these girls, and being able to style the pieces exactly how I had imagined. I am so excited about the content we have created!
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