With lockdown weighing heavy on everyone’s minds, we thought what could be better than a little virtual chat with the stunning Ellen Brockbank (AKA ellenbrockygirl) to pass the time. We love her for her constant style inspiration, and she is one of the most genuine girls you could ever meet. Join us as we delve a little into the world of all things Ellen with of course a little 4th spin.
Hoping you're well & safe, let’s start with a quick fire question. What would you say are your best qualities and your worst?
I would say my best and worst quality is that i'm a perfectionist! When it comes to work and creating content I HAVE to get it right or I won't post it which is good for brands and my feed, but it means i am overly critical of what i do and i really overthink everything!
 Ellen is wearing our Beau cream and black boots available here and our Jefferson dress available here.
What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe?
I would probably say my leather biker jacket collection. I have a few which i have had for years and still wear all the time, it used to be my signature look and i wouldn't be seen without one! They have been many places with me and i guess have sentimental value to me now!
What do you predict will be in next season (January time)?
I think the more causal/sporty vibes are still going to be big in January time. Think wide leg jeans with trainers and oversized jumpers, and gym wear in the day time. I think fashion is going down a route of not being overly complicated too which i love and trends seem to be more minimal and classic with people adding staples to their wardrobe like good tailoring and jeans.
Loving the shorter hair! What are your must have hair care items?
A good hair mask is a must for me! I use heat on my hair most days so I need to regularly use a mask to keep it in good condition. I have also been using a volumising powder recently which I apply after i have styled my hair, it is great for adding a bit of volume to the roots!
Your feed is always so flawless & aesthetic and we love it! Do you use any presets or editing techniques you can share to help us girls out?
I have actually toned down the editing and hardly edit my pictures at all! I use the lightroom app on my phone to alter the brightness, contrast and highlights and then use facetune 2 to enhance any details on my clothing using the structure and detail tools. It is all about the lighting when shooting and the composition of the picture for me!
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If you had to piece together a fall outfit with 4th products what would you choose and why?
The Julia overiszed t-shirt in Black available here, The Beau black knee high boots available here and the Alfie belted coat available here. My go-to outfit at the moment is a t-shirt dress with long boots and an oversized coat - simple but it always looks so good!
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Where do you find most of your outfit inspiration?
Pinterest is my main source of inspiration when it comes to outfits. I love seeing what other people are wearing on Instagram but it's easy for everyone to end up wearing the same items. Pinterest helps you to think outside the box and piece items together you might not have thought to wear together! I am also still a sucker for a magazine and have a big collection i love to look through for inspiration not only for outfits but for shoot ideas.
Amongst all the outfit pics, we’ve noticed you’ve got some beautiful body art. Is there any specific meaning behind the tatts?
I actually don't have any tattoos with any meaning behind them! I have a variety of things from a fly on my wrist to a tea pot on my arm but they were just the styles I liked at the time! Admittedly I would not choose to get any of the tattoos i have if i were to get them now, however i guess they are a part of me and my journey and it serves me right for getting tattooed so young (i had my first one when i was 17!)
What will you be doing this lockdown to keep yourself busy?
Creating content is definitely keeping me busy especially with Black Friday around the corner, but i actually bought a skateboard not long ago which is getting me out of the house at the weekends! It has always been on my bucket list to learn how to skateboard, so lockdown is the perfect opportunity for this and it is a great time to start a hobby you have always wanted to do!
Have you got any final words of wisdom or perhaps a favourite quote to leave people with a bit of positivity?
Just remember that everything is temporary and better days are coming!