Often found reposted on our Instagram feed, we sat down with the lovely Chloe Robertson (aka @chloejade_story) for the latest low down on her life. Answering all our burning questions, from fashion crimes to her must have beauty products, keep reading to get to know our girl that little bit better.
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  1. Let’s start by putting you on the spot, how would you describe yourself in 5 words?
"Oh my days, well I like to 'think' that I'm 'Here for a good time' hahaha That makes me sound suspicious...
  1. We live for your out and about pics but how has being an influencer changed your life?
Firstly thank you very much that's super kind. Tbh my content style has always been the same, I've always just vlogged and talked around my everyday life. I find enjoyment from the ordinary, so I really love showing 'normal'. Saying that I've met some incredible girls from being an influencer and for that I am super grateful for." 
  1. As we are now facing another UK lockdown, what will we find you doing?
So for some reason lockdown tends to force me into positivity. I was my most productive during Lockdown. I think it's because I live in quite an isolated town, so I enjoyed not having Fomo and the feeling of 'we are all in this together' (High school musical ref). Although on reflection I drank a lot of coffee and became addicted to tik tok. So maybe a mixture of both. 
 Chloe in our oversized Moni blazer - available here
  1. What is your favourite 4th Winter transitional piece? 
These girls know how hard a question this is for me. My whole feed is basically dedicated to 4th. I would have to say it's a blazer obviously and it's the perfect Winter White Moni Oversized Blazer available here. Perfect for all occasions and all seasons. 
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  1. How would you style this for everyday and switch it up for the evening?
Okay so I live in blazers because of their versatility and I just think they make everything look stylish. For everyday let's go with the matching trousers available here obviously and a plain white t-shirt and oversized neutral coat on top. A super sleek bun for off duty model vibes and a black puffy cloud clutch and big chunky boots. Evening I would wear it with skin tight leather trousers, barely there strappy heels such as the Jasmine available here, a red lip and tousled waves. Oh I miss bars and dancing! 
  1. You’re off out for food, where are you going & what are you ordering?
This is easy, I've three moods when it comes to food. Greasy or comforting or sometimes both. Greasy I'm thinking Honest Burger, the best burger place in London in my humble opinion. Comforting either a country pub Sunday roast with a glass of wine or a good old Italian, I adore Glorias or Pizza East. 
  1. Think we can say for all of us our skin is a nightmare going into these colder months, how do you keep yours so smooth? What’s your secret skincare product?
Banish all household mirrors? Jokes I kid. In all honesty, invest in your skincare. That doesn't always mean expensive but really do your research on the ingredients. I live for my Kate Somerville Exfoliate Cleanser, Beauty Pie youth boosting sheet masks, Caudalie serums and if I'm feeling fancy the La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream. But most importantly you are goddamn gorgeous, smooth skin or not, hawt damn girl! 
  1. You are a queen when it comes to make up, what would you say your top 3 current makeup items are?
Now this is like choosing between children, I could never...but if I had too, Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Concealer, Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara (new love of mine) and the Iconic London Lip oils! 
  1. What would you consider a major fashion crime?
Well I'm the president of the socks and sandals association so I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask. Although I think if someone felt they couldn't wear what they wanted too because they were ashamed/embarrassed or felt insecure. THAT would be the true crime. I just want people to feel comfortable in their own skin through fashion. 
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  1. What can we expect from Chloe Robertson in the future?
In all honestly, I'm just a girl trying and hoping to make it out of 2020...
Aren’t we all Chloe…