With many of us confined to our homes, the social side of life is slacking and we’re all feeling it’s effects. We reached out to one of our favourite influencers Rachel Holland to bring us the lowdown from lockdown. A conversation delivering the much-needed daily inspiration we know and love her for. 
Let's start with how are you keeping motivated?
I do try to always look at the positives in every situation, one thing that has really helped me has been sticking to a routine which I write down every evening, this may be little but trust me when you tick off your list it’s so satisfying.
Something you’ve learned in lockdown?
Don’t get me wrong, like most people I’m so ready to get to back some normality, but the lockdown has really made me sit back & evaluate certain situations and one thing I have learnt for sure is to start putting myself first.
What’s your at home uniform?
My at home-uniform always has to be comfortable... let’s just say you won’t be finding me in jeans! I’ll usually go for a jogger set or knitted leggings and a bodysuit.
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What are you looking forward to the most after lockdown?
I CANNOT wait to get on a plane and get some sunshine, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it... Tulum and Dubai are top on my list. Oh and also seeing family and friends of course ha! 
What’s your usual WFH lunch?
I’ve tried to really plan my lunches this lockdown as in the last lockdown I was lazy and had a southern fried chicken, sweet chilli wrap pretty much every day and I now can’t stand the sight of them ha.. my current favourite WFH lunch is scrambled eggs, mushroom and spinach on cauliflower hash browns. Now, I know what you’re thinking but don’t judge until you’ve tried them because they’re amazing!
Let’s talk fashion, where do you get your style inspiration from?
I usually get inspiration from Pinterest and styling accounts on Instagram, also basically anything Hailey Bieber wears tbh.
Please share a Favourite outfit from 4th & Reckless?
Oooo this is so hard to choose one, but I think my favourite has to be the cream coat which I think was from the Sofia Mcoelho collaboration.
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Favourite purchase so far this year?
It would probably have to be my boucle chair; I’ve tried to invest into making my WFH space a calm and comfortable space and the chair was the final touch that has brought it all together. But … I have just made another purchase which could quite possibly top that & I’m so excited for it to arrive.
Please share a picture of your favourite spot in your house?
This little corner in my bedroom is my favourite, I spend a lot of time in here when I’m on my laptop editing and doing all admin tasks.  I have a new print on the way for the wall and need to get a throw for the chair and then it will be complete.
Words of advice for others?
“Never accept anything less than what you deserve” – I include this quote on my vision board every year.