5 Things To Expect During Freshers Week

It's inevitable. Starting university is going to be a daunting experience, to say the least.  As you start to transition from the comfort of living at home to single-handedly boiling an egg, there are a lot of new experiences you will cross along the way. Whether it’s deciding that one more shot of tequila is a good idea (it never is) or thinking that one pink sock won’t ruin the rest of your wash load (it most certainly does).

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One of the most challenging stages of starting university is fresher’s week. Don’t worry babe, we have the 411 on everything to expect during fresher’s week. Keep scrolling to find out what you should expect.


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  1. You will probably (definitely) sign up to at least 50 societies and spend the next month unsubscribing to all the society emails you get every week. It happens to the best of us babe.


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  1. You’ll be convinced you have met your Uni squad on day 1. But chances are you will not cross paths again.


  1. You’ll set off a fire alarm. It expected, every year a fresher will set off the fire alarm in the student halls without a doubt.


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  1. You’ll most certainly test your limits. You will definitely start neglecting your diet and completely ignore your everyday chores. Washing up, doing the laundry and making your bed will become a distant memory.


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  1. You’ll get freshers flu. Yes, this is a thing. Alcohol, junk food, meeting new people and late nights will most definitely have its toll on you. Prepared to feel rocky babe.